Ce-Live | Convocation and Live Events Made Easy and Exciting

Ce-Live Convocation and Live Events Made Easy and Exciting


Convocation and Live Events Made Easy and Exciting

Tired of manually keying in hundreds of names during live convocations? Want to reduce the possibility of entering wrong names or frustration of last minute text or graphic amendments that can potentially jeopardize your live broadcasts? Say goodbye to those tedious processes with Ce-Live.

We came up with the idea of Ce-Live after witnessing the hassle of those tedious processes when we assisted a customer with a live convocation broadcast. Integrated with NewTek’s TriCaster video production system or Scala’s digital signage solution, Ce-Live reads names or data from student name cards, text files or databases.and displays them on top of live video during convocations or live events. Data is easily re-sequenced, skipped or removed, and typo errors are easily amended instantly.

Ce-Live makes it possible to capture and broadcast a live event with ease and efficiency, enabling your audience, graduates and you to enjoy a seamless event.

Type of Application

Desktop Application (Windows OS), Middleware and Scala Script

How it Works


  • Ce-Live reads the names of all the graduates from a text file, Student ID card, or database and displays them in its own window.
  • When a graduate is called to receive his scroll, the operator selects the graduate’s name and the Click Convo Name Generator application sends it to the TriCaster system.
  • The TriCaster overlays the name on the pre-designed graphic templates over live video from a camera.
  • The Tricaster allows you to switch between up to 8 cameras or pre-recorded video from your computer hard drive.
  • The Tricaster allows you to record the event into its own hard drive for further editing or stream the event to a streaming server or both.


  • Simple setup. Easy to use.
  • Read text, photo and audio files from databases.
  • Read data from specified ASCII text files.
  • Allows the use of MySQL database functions and supports access across a network.
  • Scan names from student ID cards.
  • Re-sequence order, skip or remove names and revise spelling instantly.
  • Overlay names over live video, graphics or both.
  • Audio integration - add and play pre-recorded audio of the names of graduates when the student ID cards are scanned.
  • Create your own customized graphic templates for different faculties.
  • Live switching and mixing of up to 8 cameras.
  • Live recording of event.
  • Stream the event over the Internet.
  • Publish to social media networks, stream live, record and project – simultaneously.

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