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MODO 801

Latest Product >MODO 801


MODO 801


MODO 801 is out now ! This version provides even more out-of-the-box functionality with the introduction of large new features like Nodal Shading for complex shader building, and a completely rewritten Referencing workflow for large scene management. There are also huge updates to core content creation workflows like animation and particles.


Latest Product> TriCaster 40


TriCaster 40


TriCaster 40 lets professionals and novices alike create streaming television, or air broadcast-quality video on the Web and mobile devices quickly and easily. For television stations, schools, offices, and production startups that don't have access to an SDI infrastructure, TriCaster 40 is a simple solution for creating real-time productions of events and shows and streaming professional video programs to the Web


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Integrated Production Suite


NewTek VT[5]™ is a complete television control room for your desktop. The VT[5] system provides the ultimate flexibility for the video production studio looking for an affordable, complete live and post production solution. The versatility of the VT[5] system removes production barriers with support for native NTSC and PAL input and output, network style live virtual sets, blazing fast editing, along with all the tools required for high-end post production. With VT[5] there is no project beyond reach. VT[5]™ delivers versatility in live production with up to 24 inputs along with hundreds of real-time transitions and 3D DVE’s, network-style live virtual sets, character generator, real-time keying and digital disk recorder for integration of captured video clips. In post production, VT[5] delivers streamlined editing, 2D video paint and animation system along with Emmy® Award winning LightWave 3D® for motion graphics and animation. VT[5] total video production control at your fingertips.

Features and Benefits

    Live Production
  • Advanced NewTek LiveSet™ effects engine
  • Completely integrated live virtual set system
  • LiveMatte™ provides sophisticated keyer previews
  • Live streaming in Flash, Windows Media or VC-1 formats
  • On-screen Video Monitor supports any resolution / aspect
  • Still Frame option on capture panel
  • iVGA Recorder captures remote client displays as video
  • DDRs support different clip aspect ratios
  • DDRs support file formats listed below, including Apple® QuickTime™
  • VGA output to projector includes real-time image enhancement
  • VGA supports remote applications, such as LiveText
  • Record show in I-frame MPEG-2 with optional MP3 audio
  • Clock now on main interface
  • Create and export title templates for VT[5] or TriCaster™
  • Title templates can be placed on Effects bus
  • Render scrolls/crawls to any SpeedEDIT™ formats (HDV, etc)
    Post Production
  • Integrates SpeedEDIT™, World’s Fastest Video Editor
  • Improved file format support
  • TriCaster™ Update 2.0 project support
  • HDR and floating-point image support
  • Supports all audio channels from 4-channel DV files
  • Audio plug-in support for VST audio filters
  • VST audio plug-ins included from Voxengo
  • CG Post animatable Character Generator
  • Real-time Print to Tape for DV with dropped frame alerts
  • Control Tree spline nodes support ease-in, ease-out
  • Easily change the fielding order of clips
  • Improved color correction
  • 3-band color correction
  • 4-channel selective color correction
  • Tool Shed Project Backup wizard Time-code burn-in tool for playback overlay
  • Advanced new cross-fades
  • Dip to color, with selectable colors
  • Additive cross-fades
  • Additional filters, including Black & white; Sepia
    Miscellaneous and Performance:
  • Audio/Video drivers support Windows Media Encoder and Flash encoder
  • AVI wrapper has been re-written to support more project features SpeedHQ™ codec supports
  • 4:2:2 video with and without alpha channel
  • 4:4:4 video support with and without alpha channel
  • Complete multi-core and multi-CPU decoding
  • Customizable UI colors in Preferences
  • Significantly improved readability across all modules
  • Windows Vista™ UAC support
  • Multi-threaded, taking advantage of multi-core and multi-CPU machines.
  • Reduced memory usage for many core operations.
  • Aggressively optimized for SSE2 instructions.
  • Improved desktop visuals.
  • File assets always exist for resolution, frame-rate, audio sample rate, etc...
  • All modules fully support aspect ratio.

Bundled Applications Features

    Live Switching:
  • LiveSet™ Effects Engine
  • Live Virtual Sets - multiple angles and multiple focal lengths per set
  • Upstream effects row
  • 8 Component inputs
  • 8 Y/C inputs
  • Up to 24 Composite inputs
  • 8 Serial Digital inputs (with SX-SDI)
  • DV input Support
  • Real-time FireWire input or output
  • Automated Audio Mixer
  • 4 Component outputs
  • 4 Y/C outputs
  • 5 SDI outputs (with SX-SDI)
  • Preview output
  • 4 Composite outputs
  • 3 RS-422 machine control ports
  • Real-time, advanced chroma keyer
  • LiveMatte™ keyer previews of color, edge and spill
  • Cue mode in Digital Disk Recorder
  • 200+ digital transitions Dual GPI In / Out
  • 8 Internal Tally light controls
  • Background generator
  • Internal Genlock

  • Proc Amp:
  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Hue
  • Saturation
  • U Offset, V Offset
  • U Gain, V Gain
  • Track Preview function
  • More than 70 adjustable parameters
  • Calibrate computer sources as well as analog sources
  • Auto Calibration for 75 IRE bars, 100 IRE bars, video pass-through(requires SX-84)

  • Aura Video Paint™:
  • Amazingly fast 16-bit paint engine
  • Paint over live video
  • Four-point pixel tracking
  • Color isolation
  • 3D compositing
  • Stroke recorder
  • Wide range of text controls
  • Instantly use a graphic’s alpha channel
  • Animate text along a path
  • Native DV support
  • AVI and QuickTime audio support
  • Apply Photoshop® filters to any animation
  • VT[5] Supported File Formats

  • SpeedEdit
    Audio Mixer:
  • Mix 8 stereo live and 8 4-channel online audio sources
  • track audio: 4 discrete channels of audio in and out
  • Supports SDI embedded audio (with SX-SDI)
  • Talk-over, reduces mix levels for mic inputs to talk over
  • 4 adjustable XLR balanced mic / line inputs with Phantom power
  • 6 stereo unbalanced audio ins from live sources
  • 8 stereo inputs from computer sources
  • DV and SDI audio inputs
  • Floating point audio with distortion-free audio levels
  • EQ, balance, mute and mono for all 16 audio inputs
  • Aux Mix: stereo aux send and aux returns for external sweetening
  • Automated mixing: transition between audio presets
  • Calibrated audio meters
  • Audio-follows-video option
  • Manage your output mix with Input Pass Thru
  • PA Mix Out: for live PA or control room feed
  • Balance on all inputs and outputs

  • Video Scope:
  • Full-frame data
  • 60 fields-per-second
  • Monitor Program or Preview
  • Waveform of Y/C, Y, C, YUV or RGB
  • Vectorscope at either 75% or 100% Chroma

  • CG Designer:
  • WYSIWYG text and graphics editing
  • Save projects or pages
  • Display Program output within CG interface
  • Use any installed TrueType™ font
  • Create Title Templates
  • Export Title Templates
  • Assign a Title Template to any source in Upstream effects row
  • Save pages as 32-bit images or animations
  • Soft shadows
  • Create graphic objects (boxes, circles, splines)
  • Instantly save or recall text styles
  • Powerful drawing tools

  • Title Templates:

  • Easy creation of live pages
  • More than 80 styles
  • Customize/create new templates in CG Designer
  • Export any title to upstream effects
    Digital Disk Recorder
  • Multi-format, multi-standard on-screen tape deck
  • Compressed or uncompressed playback
  • Detects clip aspect ratios for playback
  • Play back a single clip or list of clips
  • Cue clips to roll when triggered by Switcher
  • Real-time transitions between clips
  • Count up or count down project time or clip time
  • Operate multiple DDRs simultaneously
  • EDL import/export (Grass Valley, CMX, Sony, Excel)

  • Video Monitor:
  • Fully fielded on-screen playback
  • YUV video display
  • Monitor Program, Preview, Key / Aux or DSK buses
  • Display supports for 4:3 and 16:9 aspect
  • Display of Action Safe / Title Safe boundaries
  • Underscan mode
  • Zebra stripes for 75 IRE and illegal video
  • Proc-Amp for matching computer display to reference video monitors

  • iVGA:
  • Import external computer displays as switcher source
  • Queue up to 3 iVGA sources
  • Client provided for Windows and Mac systems
  • Software-based scan conversion to video resolution
  • Dedicate iVGA output to connected projector

  • Digital Video Effects:
  • More than 200 real-time transitions
  • Expansions
  • Wipes, Curls, Trajectories, Fades, Overlays
  • Rotations, Compressions, Borders, More...

  • Deck Controller:
  • Control external decks from your VT[5] desktop
  • Supports multiple RS-422 and DV decks
  • Interfaces with batch capture deck lists and configurations
  • Jog and shuttle support Record allows user to generate time code settings

What They Say

... a unique product that combines the functions of a live switcher with those of an edit suite. All designed to work the way production professionals really need". - Paulo de Andrade, Digital Post Production

"It does the same work as other non-linear products, faster, cheaper, better and with no fat!" Rich Helvey, NBC’s Access Hollywood

"...perhaps the best tool on VT is its image quality. Along with my co-workers on Soeur Emmanuelle, I was suprised by the superb quality of the images I achieved. The color correction... is particularly powerful and gives excellent quality..." François Boulene, Visual Effects Artist, Editor, Producer

The VT suppots the following:

    Video Formats:
  • AVI
  • MPEG-1
  • MPEG-2 (program & transport stream)
  • HDV
  • Apple® QuickTime™ (with alpha support)
  • MPEG-4 (including iPod and PSP)
  • Raw DV
  • DVCPro 50, DVCPRO HD
  • Image sequences
  • Output to Flash
  • Native support for MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, QuickTime™, DV, MJPEG decoding and encoding, reducing reliance on external codecs.
      Graphic formats:
    • JPEG
    • PNG
    • Targa
    • Tiff
    • BMP
    • WBMP
    • PCX
    Audio Formats:
  • WAV, MP3
  • SND, WAX
  • AIFF, AU
  • DIF


  • Processor: Dual Intel or AMD processors that support SSE2 (Dual core CPUs recommended)
  • Front-side Bus speed of 800MHz or higher
  • Interface: An open 66MHz PCI slot for the VT[5] card is recommended for best performance (Additional slot needed for breakout cable)
  • Any IEEE1394 FireWire card for DV and HDV capture
  • Graphics Card: PCI Express-based graphics card w/ 64MB RAM per display
  • DirectX 9.0c or higher # Latest graphics card drivers
  • Minimum screen resolution of 1280x1024 required
  • System Ram: 2 Gigabytes or more of system RAM
  • Hard Drives: Software-striped SATA drives for video storage and playback
  • 8 Gigabytes of storage for DVEs and content
  • System drive with 2GB of free disk space
  • DVD Drive
  • Operating Systems:

  • Windows® XP Professional (SP2) or Windows Vista 32-bit
  • Windows® Media Player 9 or higher
  • Windows® Media Encoder 9 or higher for streaming

Latest Solution > Ce-Live


Celive Logo


The Ce-Live is developed to simplify the task of broadcasting and live streaming for campus convocations and live events. Built on the integration of different hardware and software accompanied by a customized application, Ce-Live eliminates the need for users to key in the names of graduates using generic presentation applications during live convocations..


Latest Solution > Ce-Events




The Ce-Events is a desktop application designed to help manage and schedule text information for business activities, events, promotions, functions or other related content with ease and efficiency. The application comes with a simple GUI that provides multiple user access, offering the flexibility for authorized users to key in text updates...


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