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Digital Signage in Education

Schools, colleges and institutions of higher learning are embracing digital signage for collaborative campus wide communications. Digital medium has become a key element to communicate with millennials especially, and provides a critical link between campus administrators and the student body.

Combining media rich content, eye-catching animated visuals on digital screens capture more attention than traditional static posters or flyers. Our integrated dynamic digital signage solution provides a stable, flexible and easy-to-use platform to remotely deliver, manage and schedule effective engaging messaging, highlight campus events, broadcast emergency alerts and assist wayfinding; to networked digital screens across campus.

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The Potential

  • Create a connected campus.
  • Keep everyone updated with campus news and announcements
  • Enhance interaction and engagement through social media integration.
  • Link to external news in real time via RSS feeds.
  • Show social feeds on your screens using Feedlynk
  • Broadcast live your convocation using Ce-Live
  • Facilitate and ease registration options with interactive touch screens. Wayfinding
  • Link to class scheduling.
  • Promote events or functions.
  • Show live events on-screen through web streaming.
  • Generate revenue through selling advertising spots.
  • Real-time emergency alerts

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