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Digital Signage in Government

Digital signage enables government sectors to reinforce public relations and enhance internal operational efficiencies. Stay connected effectively with the community you serve by providing updated important information on digital screens or touch screen kiosks. Whether it’s to build awareness or educate the public about policy revisions or necessary regulations, our dynamic digital signage platform helps you manage and deliver your evolving content and messages effectively to nationwide branches from one central location

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The Potential

  • Reduce perceived waiting times
  • Nationwide emergency alerts
  • Link to external news in real time via RSS feeds.
  • Show social feeds on your screens using Feedlynk
  • Explain protocol more effectively with animated visuals.
  • Improve internal communications with screens in staff only areas.
  • Integrate with queuing system
  • Implement wayfinding for visitors
  • Generate additional revenue by selling advertising space
  • Public access or closed circuit television.
  • Inter-departmental messages or announcements
  • Public notices.
  • Serve the need of the hearing impaired.
  • Real-time traffic reports.
  • Reduce cost for traditional printing methods i.e flyers, buntings, posters, etc.

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Our Latest Digital Signage Deployment

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