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Digital Signage in Healthcare

Digital signage impacts the hospital environment in many ways. Improve patients’ visits with media rich content that keeps them accurately informed, educated, entertained and engaged. Reduced perceived wait times and reinforce confidence in your patients’ health care choices by explaining hospital or treatment procedures visually on digital screens. Keep patients updated by displaying realtime waitlists and clinic information. Help patients and visitors navigate to their destinations easily with wayfinding directories on touch screens. Enhance customer relationships through social media integration to engage patients or visitors.

With a flexible, scalable and easy-to-use platform, our digital signage solution helps you create, manage and deliver attention grabbing content to targeted audiences from one central location at any time. Manage your corporate campaigns and branding efforts seamlessly for effective communications with your patients, visitors or staff

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The Potential

  • Reduce perceived wait time by keeping patrons entertained, informed and educated with visually attractive content.
  • Integrate with social media for audience engagement.
  • Link to external news in real time via RSS feeds.
  • Show social feeds on your screens using Feedlynk
  • Explain protocol or procedures.
  • Health alert bulletins
  • Integrate with queuing system
  • Implement wayfinding for visitors
  • Generate additional revenue by selling advertising space
  • Informative healthcare content
  • Doctors’ directory
  • Real-time emergency alerts
  • Link to external news in real time via RSS feeds
  • Keep staff readily informed with links to external patient information system for screens in employee-only areas.
  • Reduce cost for traditional printing methods i.e flyers, buntings, posters, etc.

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