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Click Remote

Click Remote 

Turn Your Non-Touch Screens Into Interactive Experience

Got a product to sell? Stakeholders to impress? A sales pitch? Or a presentation to make? Want to be able to navigate the content on your digital screens without standing right in front of them? Imagine turning your smartphones or handheld devices into remote controls that enable you to control your content on your digital screens.

The Click Remote Control App converts your mobile or handheld device into a remote control device that allows you to control and navigate the digital content on your non-touch screens, providing an interactive experience for user engagement without the need to invest in expensive touch screens.

Easily customized to fit varied content for unique retail, corporate, educational or visual communication objectives, the Click Remote Control App enhances in-store experience, can be used as an assistive selling tool, adds impact to your presentations and helps drive targeted content to the right audience effectively.

Type of Application
Web, Desktop and Mobile Application, Middleware and Scala Script

Great for:

  • Driving sales presentations.
  • Promoting products or services.
  • Business presentations.
  • Educational teaching aids.

How it Works


  • Create your content using Scala Designer or Content Manager and publish them to your player as you would do normally.
  • Configure Click Remote app buttons. Every button will trigger a playlist, slide or a group of slides
  • Push any button to play/show the content

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