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Founded in 1995, Click Grafix began primarily as a Digital Content Provider offering products, solutions and services for Broadcast Multimedia, 3D Animation and Non-linear Video production.

Since then, the company has expanded further, positioning itself as one of the leading Systems Integrator, Solutions and Services provider for Dynamic Digital Signage in the region.With over 2 decades at the forefront of the digital industry accompanied by a proven track record complemented by several industry awards, Click Grafix has successfully deployed digital signage for diversified industries in Southeast Asia. and the Middle East (directly and with partners).

Click Grafix is a certified partner and authorized distributor for Scala in Malaysia and parts of Southeast Asia. The company is based in Malaysia with a regional presence in Singapore, Thailand and Philippines. We work with networked partners in Indonesia, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia.


Our mission is simple. We aim to become the leading Solutions and System Integrator; and Distributor of Digital Signage and Digital Content Development tools in the South East Asia and Middle East region. Our mission is driven by the triple ‘WWW' principle. WIN. WIN. And WIN.Our mission is simple. We endeavour to lead the way in providing dynamic robust digital signage solutions and services that optimize the user experience for our customers. Driven by the triple ‘W’ principle - WIN. WIN. And Win, we create a mutually rewarding experience for our business partners, customers and our company.

Our Business Partners WIN

Our mission is to provide our business partners the opportunity to enjoy mutual rewards when they work with us. Their products become our products and our efforts to take care of them are clearly demonstrated in our marketing and sales campaigns. We spend money, time and resources in creating marketing and sales material that include local content and develop additional tools to enhance their product.

Our Customers WIN

We want our business partners to enjoy mutual rewards when they collaborate with us. We take ownership of your products and solutions, and ensure they benefit from our commitment that is clearly demonstrated in the effort we put into our successful marketing and sales campaigns.

And We WIN

We uphold these principal values as we generate a WIN.WIN.WIN situation for everyone through a mutually sustainable and rewarding collaboration that’s long term.

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Our Latest Digital Signage Deployment

Click Grafix has provided digital signage solutions to end users among many directly or through partners around the region. Here are some of our digital signage projects

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