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Value Added Services

Stay ahead of the pack. Leverage on our expertise to drive your business further with innovative solutions. We provide the following value added services to optimize your digital signage deployment productively. We provide the following value added services:

Creative Content Development Services

Content is King and no one knows that better than us. We’re passionate about what we do. And we’ve been doing it longer than most. We turn your ideas into realistic visual solutions and create focused-driven engaging digital signage content that converts action. But that’s not all you can engage us for. Our creative team can transform your ideas into 3D animation, motion graphics or non-linear video compositions too. Did we also mention that we’ve garnered a few awards along the way? See below some of the content related services we provide:

Dynamic Digital Signage Content Development

From ideas to realisation, from print to digital canvas, or form to function, our creative team helps accelerate your objectives into head turning, engaging visuals that convert action.

Start-Up Channels for Digital Signage

Lack the expertise to design a digital signage channel? Let our creative team help you kick off your digital signage network with cool designs and customized templates that will simplify your messaging efforts.

Content Repurposing

Digital signage content cannot be designed the way content designed on print. Effective messaging for digital signage is concise and targeted unlike more text-based information on print. We ensure your branding and message are transferred effectively from print artwork into digital signage content.

3D Modeling and Animation

Digital signage content cannot be designed the way content designed on print. Effective messaging for digital signage is concise and targeted unlike more text-based information on print. We ensure your branding and message are transferred effectively from print artwork into digital signage content.

Read more about our Content Profile

Custom Applications Development

With our extensive experience and knowledge in programming and scripting languages that includes HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, C#, VBA, Apache, MySQL, Postgres, etc .. our development team help you turn concepts and ideas into integrated solutions that adapt to your unique digital signage needs.

Our customized applications and scripts add further value and integrated functionality to your digital signage solutions, driving your business goals further. Here are some of the custom applications we’ve developed:

Integration with Social Media Platforms

In the current age of technology, social media is where your audience is. The synergy between digital signage and social media offers the best of both worlds - the power to link the communication between a customer and a company, a business, service or a brand easily and effectively. We help you engage your targeted audience to your marketing or communication campaigns by integrating your digital signage to social platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Flikr or Facebook.

Imagine integrating live social feeds such as Twitter or Instagram and displaying them on your digital screens with the option to moderate or not moderate the feeds

Integration with Third Party Applications and Devices

We help you do more with your digital signage network by capitalising on Scala’s open system which enables flexible integration with various third party applications to create new business opportunities. Our team of experienced programmers help customize your digital signage into robust solutions for your unique business objectives, with integrations that include:

  • POS systems
  • Web Based Calenders
  • Live Video and Streaming Video
  • Audienc Analytics Solutions
  • Solstice Wireless Display Devices
  • Weather Monitoring Systems
  • and many more

Read more about our custom applications

Channel and Network Management

Leave the management of your network to us and focus on your primary business operations. Our professional team ensures your digital signage network benefits from focused content, amplified branding, logical infrastructure and proactive support to optimize your ROI and business ideals. We help you take care of these:

  • Content strategy
  • Content design and creation
  • Co-development of content
  • Content management
  • Network maintenance and management
  • Custom integrations
  • Technology consultation
  • Technical support


We provide results-oriented affordable, practical, structured and comprehensive short term training programmes that help customers apply a practical and creative approach to their distinctive business needs and requirements. Our training is conducted by professional trainers and consultants with years of extensive industry experience in digital signage and digital content development. We provide basic, intermediate and customized training for customers who purchase or use our solutions.

Managed Hosting

House your server hardware in our dedicated data center or rent our virtual servers for your digital signage network, and save the cost of paying for a fixed IP. Our server hosting includes dependable stability, a fast network connection, optimal server hardware support and daily automated data backup to cloud. Leave the management of your server to us and focus fully on your projects.

Below is some of our content work that we provided for different customers in the last few years.

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