Digital Signage for Corporate Communication

Most companies face a similar challenge when trying to disseminate information to employees: getting the right information to the right people at the right time.

Digital Signage for Corporate Communications

Positive employee engagement leads to higher productivity, increased sales and better organizational growth. Our dynamic digital signage solution enables you to optimize effective information sharing and messaging that can be customized for specific departments, operational plants or business sites.

With digital signage, internal communications is easily aligned, controlled and delivered remotely, keeping staff informed, entertained, engaged, alerted and empowered. Combined with interactive content on a touch screen, digital signage can be implemented as a building directory to assist visitors with wayfinding.

The Potential

    • Deliver uniformed corporate announcements, messages or news effectively.
    • Boost staff morale and productivity with employee recognition, production line and success statistics.
    • Link to external news in real time via RSS feeds.
    • Show social feeds on your screens using Feedlynk
    • Customize content or messages for each department with established roles and permissions to manage designated messaging for each department.
    • Link to productivity data for real-time statistics and updates.
    • Create positive company energy by keeping personnel informed, updated and engaged.
    • Link to weather forecasts and display weather conditions.
    • Link to 3rd party applications i.e traffic reports / weather conditions etc and extrapolate relevant data for display.
    • Real-time emergency alerts.
    • Conference or meeting rooms scheduling.
    • Manage and enhance corporate branding.
    • Promote employee safety.

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Our Latest Digital Signage Deployment

Click Grafix has provided digital signage solutions to end users among many directly or through partners around the region. Here are some of our digital signage projects

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