Digital Signage Solutions for Digital Menu Boards & Quick Service Restaurants

Serving up a digital engagement that impacts sales

Digital Signage for QSR

Dynamic digital signage provides a more competitive edge to the QSR industry. Rich and vibrant displays are more eye-catching than static menu boards, add more appeal to the products and increases point-of-sale purchases. The flexibility of a digital menu board provides restaurant operators the advantage of making menu adjustments easily and almost instantly, customizing projections for specific demographics or hours and maximizing targeted sales.

Small screens at the point-of-sale terminals help alter consumer behaviours that increases up-selling revenue. Digital menu boards can be tied into Point of Sale (PoS) systems for dynamic price changes that are reflected instantly. Integrate your digital content with social media platforms or mobile apps and engage your customers interactively to reduce perceived wait times and complement the dining experience.

The Potential

  • Boost sales at point-of-sale (POS) using dayparting menu, suggest complementary add-ons or dynamically add promotions.
  • Reduce perceived wait time by displaying entertaining or informative content.
  • Improve queue management.
  • Show social feeds on your screens using Feedlynk
  • Easily manage customized daily / weekly / monthly menu updates or promotions to multiple locations remotely.
  • Create a functional ambience.
  • Reduce print and labor costs associated with traditional menu board changes.

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Our Latest Digital Signage Deployment

Click Grafix has provided digital signage solutions to end users among many directly or through partners around the region. Here are some of our digital signage projects

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