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Using a simple web-based interface, Feedlynk integrates moderated or unmoderated social media feeds from Twitter and Instagram, with your digital signage channel or live video production solution. This integration harnesses the power of social media to create a more engaging viewer experience, optimizing your connection with your audience and impacting your business goals positively.


Post your messages or photos

Post your message or photos to Twitter or Instagram using a hashtag or your own account.


Add to Feedlynk

Add the account or hashtag to Feedlynk which then tracks those feeds (with Twitter, you can add any public twitter feed). Select your desired posts. Feedlynk generates two links for Twitter (one for all posts and another for your selected posts), and a link to moderated posts for Instagram.

Download and display

Download the posts or photos using the generated links. These will be displayed on your digital signage screens or live video broadcast displays.



All your feeds in one place

Consolidate your feeds into one platform and access it anytime, anywhere.

Moderate easily.

Inappropriate comments can be damaging. Control what is displayed on your screens.Generate two link options moderated and unmoderated content. Drive relevant social content that helps boost your objectives.

#Accounts and @Accounts

Easily add these accounts.

Connect and engage

Everyone loves attention, especially on the screens. Use the power of social media to reach your target audiences and build your brand or business.

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