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Show Social Media Feeds On Your Display

Like it or not, we’re bombarded by messages, information and visuals on social media these days. Social media is where your audience is. Marry live social media with your digital signage platform and you have a winning obsession that will optimize your audience engagement, and ultimately your business goals.

Imagine integrating live social feeds such as Twitter or Instagram and displaying them on your digital screens with the option to moderate or not moderate the feeds. Whether you integrate social media on campus, corporate spaces, QSR and retail or other environments, social media addicts definitely get a kick out of seeing their own posts on large screens and video walls.

Feedlynk integrates moderated or unmoderated social media feeds from Twitter and Instagram with your digital signage channel or live video production solution for a more engaging social media experience. Using a simple web-based interface, Feedlynk enables users to:

  • Display moderated and unmoderated content
  • Generate two link options for the moderated and unmoderated content
  • Add #accounts and @accounts
  • Moderate the content to display

Type of Application
Web Application, Middleware and Scala Script

How it Works


  • Use Instagram or Twitter to post messages or photos using a hashtag or your own account.
  • Add this account or hashtag to Feedlynk to track those feed. (with twitter you can add any public twitter feed)
  • Select all posts or some.
  • Feedlynk will generate 2 links for twitter, one for all posts, and another for selected posts only.
  • For Instagram, Feedlynk will only generate a link to moderated posts.
  • Download the posts or photos using the generated links.
  • Your posts or photos are displayed on your digital signage screens or live video broadcast.

Feedlynk Demo Video - Scala Designer Version

Feedlynk Demo Video - Scala Content Manager Version

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