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Ce-Live makes your convocations and live feed more exciting and easier to manage. Scan in names, integrate Twitter, Instagram and Facebook live feed for a more personal and engaging viewer experience. Ce-Live simplifies the manual data entry process and eliminates potential typo errors by enabling data to be scanned or pulled from text files and databases for live broadcast. And with social media becoming a trending part of our daily lifestyle, Ce-Live integrates that into your live broadcasts to give live feeds a more personal and engaging touch for its viewers (and keep eyes on your screens too).


Import the data and select the graduate's name.

Ce-Live reads the names of all the graduates from a text file, student ID card, or database and displays it on a digital screen. When the graduate is called to receive his scroll, the video operator selects the graduate’s name from the list, and the Click Convo Name Generator app sends it to the TriCaster.


Using TriCaster, overlay the graduates over live video.

The TriCaster overlays the name on pre-designed templates over live video feeds from a camera. The TriCaster allows you to switch between up to 8 cameras or pre-recorded video from your computer hard drive. The event can also be recorded into the TriCaster hard drive for further editing, or streamed to a streaming server or both.

Broadcast the event.

Using NewTek TriCaster, you can broadcast the event on facebook, youtube or any website.


Simple setup. Easy to use.

Easy editing

Re-sequence order, skip or remove names and revise spelling instantly. Overlay names over live video, graphics or both. Create your own customized graphic templates for different faculties.

Read from multiple sources

Read text, photo and audio files from databases. Read data from specified ASCII text files.

Add in Audio

Add and play pre-recorded audio of the names of graduates when the student ID cards are scanned.

Easy to integrate.

Allows the use of MySQL database functions and supports access across a network.

Live production and streaming

Enables live recording, live switching and mixing of up to 8 cameras. Stream the event over the Internet.

Just scan it.

Scan names from student ID cards to verify with the read data.

All at one go.

Publish to social media networks, stream live, record and project simultaneously..

Watch our Ce-Live Video Promo

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