Digital Signage in Retail

As retail shoppers hit the stores these days, they expect a state-of-the-art shopping experience. With every store vying for the almighty consumer dollar, digital signage in retail makes perfect sense.

Digital Signage in Retail

Retailers recognise the need to remain competitive as consumer shopping patterns and marketing strategies continue to evolve with technology. Retail digital signage helps drive customers into stores with attention grabbing visuals that can be customized to attributes such as customer demographic, geographical locations or time, in strategically positioned screens.

Retail digital signage has the power to influence point-of-sales decisions, amplify branding and merchandising, build brand loyalty, provide assistive product information, analyze shopper behavior, aid wayfinding in shopping malls and engage customers for responsive merchandising.

Our dynamic digital signage solution helps boost your competitive advantage, drives sales and creates a more engaging in-store customer experience that strengthens customer relationships.

The Potential

  • Up-sell and cross-sell products
  • Increase sales at point-of-sale
  • Link to external news in real time via RSS feeds.
  • Show social feeds on your screens using Feedlynk
  • Product advertising
  • Integrate with third party databases - POS, Inventory, Loyalty, etc
  • Increase customer engagement with NFQ, QCR, RFID, smart devices tie-ins
  • Enrich the shopping experience with social media integration
  • Interactivity for customers who prefer to assist themselves
  • Visually attract passers-by into stores
  • Increase staff product knowledge
  • Reduce perceived wait times

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Our Latest Digital Signage Deployment

Click Grafix has provided digital signage solutions to end users among many directly or through partners around the region. Here are some of our digital signage projects

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