Digital Signage Solutions for Retail, Education, Ad Networks, Corporate, Government, Hospitality & Health care

Do you have a message to communicate to your audience? A product to sell effectively? A piece of information to distribute anytime to anywhere? A warning to disseminate urgently?


Digital Signage In Education

With digital signage it's easy to communicate in a way that really grabs people's attention. Parents, students, and faculty will benefit from a Scala digital signage system since time-sensitive information can reach its destination immediately.


Digital Signage In Retail

As retail shoppers hit the stores these days, they expect a state-of-the-art shopping experience. With every store vying for the consumer dollar, Retail digital signage in retail gives stores the edge they are looking for over the competition..


Digital Signage In Healthcare

Improve operational efficiency to enhance the quality of care and patient experience. With digital signage, you can disseminate useful information, educational messages, and announcement in real time....


Digital Signage In Government

The immediate dissemination of crucial communication to the right people is a need in most government ministries. A government digital signage network provides the system for a fast, effective and efficient delivery to communicate crucial messages.


Digital Menu Boards

Digital Menu Boards (DMB) help deliver fast, high-quality service expected by customers visiting a fast casual or quick-service restaurant (QSR). By presenting the right information in a clear way, customers can make decisions faster


Digital Ad Networks

Digital Ad Networks, also called Digital Out of Home TV (Dooh TV) are everywhere. Without a powerful and flexible software to power your network, investment in expensive hardware become a waste of money.


Digital Signage for Corporate Communication

Most companies face a similar challenge when trying to disseminate information to employees: getting the right information to the right people at the right time. In a normal deluge of emails, critical messages can easily go unnoticed.


Digital Signage In Hospitality

The hospitality industry is revolutionising. Digital Signage is assisting travellers, tourists or hotel guests acquire the information they need to enjoy a fulfilling vacation experience has become a major industry.


Digital Signage in Financial Institutions

Financial institutions leverage on digital signage to streamline information, personalize banking experience for customers, drive brand loyalty, and more


Digital Signage in Wayfinding

Our dynamic digital signage solution creates a digital way-finding strategy that helps you to manage routes and maps that lead your visitors to their locations quickly and easily.

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Our Latest Digital Signage Deployment

Click Grafix has provided digital signage solutions to end users among many directly or through partners around the region. Here are some of our digital signage projects

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