Scala Designer

Easily create content within Scala Designer using one of the many templates available, or use your own existing marketing materials designed using other applications.

Storyboard Graphical User Interface

The storyboard user interface is probably the most natural and easiest method of creating your message and tell your story.

Supports Design in Any Resolution

Irrespective of your screen resolution, Scala will allow you to design you Channel or zones within a Channel to match your final output

Mix Media Format

Seamlessly combine text, graphics, sound and video into broadcast-quality multimedia. Preview exactly how it will appear, even full screen

Support for Databases

If you have a database of famous quotes, or information that you want to show randomly or few every loop, Scala will allow you to retrieve such information in almost in any design you create..

Real-Time Transitions and 3D Effects

Scala will allow you to spice your messages with real-time effects, including zoom, 3D, fades and others. Scala does not generate a video file, but rather sends a simple instruction (few bytes) to the Players to play such effects.

Support of Live Video, Stored Video and Streaming Video

Scala supports playback of video from a live broadcast, saved video in the hard drive (inclusive of 4K res) or streaming video including H.264 streams, MPEG-2 streams Unicast or multicast over various transports (RTP over UDP, RTP over TCP, etc.).

Support for unlimited template design

Once you create your template using Scala Designer, other users can update content using Scala Content Manager using the Internet, or a desktop application

Integrate with Virtually any Data Source

Irrespective of your screen resolution, Scala will allow you to design you Channel or zones within a Channel to match your final output.

RSS Newsfeeds Integration

Once again, Scala has the ability to show news in any format you design it to be. Instead of just a ticker or one news

Photoshop Plug-in

Designer comes with a third party plug-in for Adobe Photoshop that lets you create your layout in Photoshop and export to Designer where you can add timing, transitions and interactivity.
Sold Separately. 

Support for Interactive Application

Scala supports full interactivity. With its built-in scripting language and powerful yet easy GUI you can build interactive presentation, be it Way Finder, Product Catalogue or Corporate Profile.

Support of real-time image and video processing

Scala will allow you to process your video or images including Chroma-Key support for both video and image, which allows you to create a different version of the same image or video without having to create or render another file thus saving in bandwidth and transmission time, not to mention space in your storage.
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